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Black red ear studs
These beautiful ear studs are a must have. These are a rare combo of edgy yet classy! ..
Blaque post earrings
Black ear studs with accents of turquoise color DELIVERY WORLDWIDE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE *R..
Blue Ovals Earrings
These blue ovals, rusticly wrapped in wire, dangling from a hook have that timeless vibe. Put these ..
Blue-ish earrings
These are beautifully simple and simply beautiful and one simply needs to have one of these. ..
Dangling Pearl-Turq
Pearly finish beads wrapped in silver wire, completed with a turquoise tear drop ..
Flower Pendant
Its surreal, but its for real. Its makes such a pretty statement, delicate, romantic, you could almo..
Gold-Pearl ear studs
Beautiful rectangles in pearl and gold finish. Perfect for that elegant formal look. ..
Gold-Pearl-Round ear studs
An elegant pearl finish bead in a twisted golden frame. This piece will make a perfect accessory for..
Maroon Ring
This one is a love at first sight. And when you put it on, the love just continues. Compliments almo..
Peacocks ear studs
Swirls of blue shades. Mesmerizing. ..
A pearl finish cabachon on an ornate golden base ..
Round Bead Rings
These simple beauties are available in a variety of colors and bead sizes. Customized orders also ac..
Starry Night
These coin earrings bear kind of a resemblance to Starry Nights. Now thats what we call wearable art..
 Camel bone  Earrings
 Camel bone and beads Earrings handcrafted   CASH ON DELIVERY DELIVERY WORLDWIDE..
 Camel Bone and Bead Craved Earrings
 Camel bone and beads Earrings handcrafted   CASH ON DELIVERY DELIVERY WORLDWIDE..
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