How does MOHENJOZ charge sellers?

Opening up store is absolutely free at MOHENJOZ, no registration fee, monthly or annual charges applied. Only two basic fees applied that is transaction fee and payment processing fee. Here is the charges chart.

Fee Head

Amount Applied


Opening store


There is no upfront, monthly or annual charges.

Listing fee


Unlimited free listing, no expiry.

Transaction fee (When seller managing store him/herself)


15% of the selling price. This does not include shipping cost and taxes.

Transaction fee (When MOHENJOZ manages store on your behalf)


25% of the selling price. This does not include shipping cost and taxes. Product photo shoot shall be responsibility of the seller.

International payment handling

On actual (If applicable)

PayPal, bank charges, wire transfer charges, currency conversion, credit card/debit card processing charges on actual.

Promoted listing

Basic listing is free,

Premium listing charged

Basic Listing: The one MOHENJOZ select randomly through its internal criteria.


Premium Listing: Listing on premium places charged differently as per location and size of banner


How do I get paid at MOHENJOZ for my sales?

All the payments are directly received by MOHENJOZ. The payments are released into the seller bank accounts;

  • Once products are successfully delivered to the buyer.
  • No return or exchange claimed by the buyer.

Payments are released after deduction of MOHENJOZ fees.

  • No local bank charges applied.

  • International payment processing charges (on actual) are deducted at the time of disbursements.

How can I set up a store at MOHENJOZ?

Welcome to MOHENJOZ. Opening up store at MOHENJOZ is very easy and hassle free. We suggest to please review our terms of use, privacy policy and fee policy before you proceed.

Signup now to sell at MOHENJOZ

Click on the seller signup in the footer of home page or click here . If you already have signed up please click this link to login to your MOHENJOZ admin Please follow these basic steps to setup your store at MOHENJOZ

  1. Choose a catchy name.
  2. Write an interesting profile.
  3. Clearly outline your terms and conditions.

Submit: by submitting your forms, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of, please carefully read terms of use and privacy policy before submitting your forms.

Submission Confirmation: Immediately after submitting your sign up form, you will receive an email from Mohenjoz confirming the receipt of your registration application. It should be noted that Mohenjoz reserves rights to accept or reject any application.

Approval Status Confirmation: Once approved you will be notified through a confirmation email. Approved Status Confirmation email contains information about your ID and password. Kindly save this email to avoid any inconvenience. This email also contains a link of guidelines of how to handle merchant admin panel.

You are advised to change your passwords as per your convenience after signing in to your merchant admin control panel.

What can I sell at MOHENJOZ?

Everything listed for sale on Mohenjoz must be;

·         Handmade

·         Arts

·         Crafts

·         Arts and crafts supplies & tools

·         Custom made products

·         Unique items  

·         Vintage items “20 year old”

·         Homemade product

·         Cultural products

·         Weddings related products

·         Natural products (Herbs, oils, gemstones)