Question: Can I return, exchange or cancel my order ?

Answer: Cheer up, at MOHENJOAZ, you can return, exchange or cancel your order.

Question: How can I cancel my order.

Answer: Once shipped order cannot be cancelled, however you can refuse to accept at the time of delivery. 

Question: Can I return my full or partial order ? 

Answer: Yes, you can return your order within 15 days. Partial return is possible. Kindly note that MADE TO ORDER products cannot be returned. Please fill this form or call customer support for further assistance. 

Question: How can I exchange my full or partial order?

Answer: Yes, you can exchange your product within 15 days days. Partial exchange is also possible. Kindly note that MADE TO ORDER products cannot be exchanged. Please fill this form  or call customer support for further assistance.

Question: Do I have to pay shipping cost?

Answer: Yes, actual shipping cost is applied on all returned or exchanged products. Shipping cost is not applied if 

  • The product was defective
  • Product does not conform the specs mentioned such as color, size, style etc. 

Question: How will I get paid for my return. 

Answer: Currently we can pay through Bank Transfer or mobile transfer only. Kindly note that in case of mobile money transfer, charges shall be applied. However transfer through bank is absolutely free.